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There's NOTHING else like it on the Web

Reach a Largely UNTAPPED Market!

Automate your marketing with our high-powered Ad Board  Blaster.. It's new... It's extremely fast... It's online, It's highly effective and... You'll always have access to an up-to-date database...

Here's how YOU can get ACCESS to a state- of-the-art, online Ad Board Blaster that will BLAST your ads, easily and quickly, to 3,747 Ad board pages and EXPOSE your ads to millions of online marketers and opportunity seekers in seconds.

This is an untapped market - Our nearest competitor's blaster only submits to 500 Ad boards. Best part is it's online - No downloads to worry about.

, Order your access right now and you'll also get free updates which means the database will be fresh and kept up-to-date at all times...

Read on to the get the full scoop...


Phil Basten, JPE Advertising, here...

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At JPE Advertising, we use Ad Board Blasters every day. We get signups and sales as a direct result of using these blasters. Our tracking tools reveal this trend. We know that effective marketing is all about reaching the masses with your offers and Ad Boards are a great way to achieve this quickly and safely.

In fact, we like these blasters as a marketing tool so much we decided to create our own. That way we can add to it, remove those sites no longer working and keep the database fresh and up-to-date at all times.

Order Ad-Board Blaster here...

What does this mean to you?

You get access to a constantly updated, fresh database of Ad Board sites you can use to reach millions of people with your offers. You get these updates FREE because we update the blaster for our own use.

You can blast a new ad every 7 days.
Your ad stays on the Ad boards for a full 7 days

STOP paying monthly fees for access to Ad Board sites with old, tired, databases...

You can get access to our online blaster right now
for the one low payment of just $47.00 

Order Ad-Board Blaster here...

  • Yearly membership
  • No monthly fees
  • Nothing to download
  • Blast to millions in a few seconds using our server
  • Blast a new ad every 7 days

Here's what you need to do now
to avoid missing out on gaining
to this state-of-the-art Ad-Board Blaster.

Order Ad-Board Blaster here

ACTION HINT: This is an introductory price. As soon as we reach 250 members the price will shoot up to $67.00 a year, But you can lock in the low $47.00 price if you order right now and that price will remain the same no matter how many new Ad boards we add in the future. Note: This is a lifetime membership. There are no refunds on this service.

BONUS: Order right and we'll add a free LIFETIME Executive membership in our ELP safelist so you can reach over 19,000 active members every day! This is a $55.00 Lifetime value.

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Click here
for information on how to purchase a branded license
to run Ad-Board Blaster on your own website and your own domain.

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