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Ad-Board Blaster Branded Licenses Now Available!

Imagine the sales you could generate if you could offer your clients, affiliates, downline members the ability to automate their marketing with our high-powered Ad Board  Blaster.. It's new... It's extremely fast... It's online, It's highly effective and... the best part is You'll always have access to an up-to-date database because you can update it...

Here's how YOU can grab
A Branded License to run this state-of-the-art, online Ad Board Blaster on your own website domain and EARN insane profits every day.

Posting ads to Ad boards is an untapped market - Our nearest competitor's blaster (software) only submits to 500 Ad boards. Ad-Board Blaster is fully accessed online - No downloads for the technically challenged to worry about.

Read on to see what Ad-Board Blaster can do for you...


Phil Basten, JPE Advertising, here...

Online marketers love blasters. Anything that will automate their marketing and make their lives easier and faster so they can get on with other things. Our two previous blasters were extremely successful. Ad-Board Blaster taps into a completely new market and now we are offering you the opportunity to own a branded version of Ad-Board Blaster so you can earn big bucks selling memberships and offer it as your own submitter.

Just 10 membership sales and it pays for itself.
All sales after that put you in profit.

Here's how Ad-Board Blaster benefits you...

  • You get a branded License of the software installed on your domain and that means you can sell yearly memberships at $47.00 and keep all the money. Memberships fly out the door at this price.

  • Your members will be able to post their ads to 3,747 Ad boards, and reach millions of opportunity seekers every 7 days.

  • Ad-Board Blaster is fully installed complete with an inbuilt database of 3,747 Ad boards. You can add more via your easy-to-use admin control panel.

  • You get a validation email area where you can add the Ad you want to send members when they sign up.

  • You get a welcome email area where you can add the Ad you want to send members to thank them for signing up.

  • Plus there are two more areas. One to send members an email when they forget their login details and another one to send a new validation email if they change their email address. You can add the Ad you want to send them in these emails.
  • You can search for members via name, username or email.

  • You can send admin emails to members via a mailing control panel to advise them of new products or services you are offering. Best time to do this is when you add some more Ad boards.

  • You can add new Ad boards easily via your admin control panel, or delete links that are no longer active.

  • You can view a list of ad-boards and members easily , plus you can delete members if they fail to pay for the next month or year.

  • You can set a monthly or yearly price in your admin area and have it reflected on the members signup page automatically.

Now here's where Ad-Board Blaster can really earn you some big money.

We will customize the interface for you with your logo and 6 links to your best programs, products or services. These links will appear on every page in the members area and on the signup and login pages. After all the best sales often come from those who have already purchased something from you. 

You can own a license to operate Ad-Board Blaster on your own website domain today for a crazy low.
(fully installed on your domain)

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Just 10 membership sales at $47.00 a year and it pays for itself. Any sales over 10 put you in profit. You keep ALL the money.

Own your own submitter business today...

Only 25
17 more licenses will be sold at $497.00 so this offer is definitely on a first-come-first- served basis. Demand for this package is high and we are booked for the next three weeks.

Try Ad-Board Blaster here

by becoming a member first and see how good it is. We will refund your $47.00 when you purchase the branded license.

Reserve your install today.

The next batch of installs are being scheduled for mid July. Order now to avoid further delay. After the current 25
17 packages are sold the price will shoot up to $697.00. You can lock in the $497.00 price if you order today.

Note: You are purchasing a single license to use the software on one domain or website and to sell memberships on a monthly or yearly basis. We install the scripts and the member and admin web interface.

Avoid missing out. Lock in the low price now.

Just click the image to order now and reserve your install date.

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Sales Page

This order does not include the sales site or a license to resell the branded version. If you want a sales site like ours, please click here for prices.  

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